Dr. Randy Fingerhut

Licensed Psychologist Specializing in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

What You Can Expect from Treatment

Cognitive behavioral therapy is designed to be a short-term therapy. Research on CBT has shown that most clients improve within 12-20 treatment sessions. However, treatment may be shorter or longer depending on each client’s specific goals and needs.

In therapy, I follow the CBT model of keeping therapy goal-oriented and problem-focused. I recognize that many clients seek therapy because they have specific problems they wish to solve. To address this, I attempt to work collaboratively with my clients to set treatment goals and design treatment plans that match each client’s specific needs.

I believe in creating an active and supportive therapy environment that allows clients to have a voice in the direction of their treatment and that motivates clients to accomplish their personal goals. Finally, I tend to take a present-centered approach to therapy. Rather than focusing on one’s underlying conflicts or childhood history, I work with clients to develop skills they can use in the here-and-now.


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